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Protect the Fort

Passionate About Highwood and The Fort

I'm Andy Hamilton, and I'm a 12.5 year resident of The Fort and Highwood. My wife, Cindy, and I have three kids. Our house on Pralls Loop faces the MYA's vacant lot and their circus tent. I'm an entrepreneur, former MHA board member, and serve as the President of the Friends of the Highwood Public Library board. Our kids go to Oak Terrace and Northwood. We love the Fort and Highwood. We have no plans to move anywhere else. I couldn't sit quietly and let this disaster of a project move forward without opposition.


My neighbors and I feel it's our responsibility to speak up in an effort to protect the history, beauty and tranquility of our unique neighborhood. Not all projects are in the best interests of others, and in my opinion (shared by many others), developing a large scale entertainment venue in our neighborhood, a National Historic Landmark, is not in the best interest of Fort Sheridan and Highwood.

It's time to take a stand and Protect the Fort.

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